Monday, March 31, 2014

What is an ePrice?

Shopping for a New or Used vehicle online can be a daunting task. A question many shoppers have is undoubtedly, "Am I getting the best price?". At Randy Marion we are upfront with the information you are seeking and if at any time you would like a more detailed scope of our online vehicle pricing you can request an ePrice.

When you request an ePrice you will receive a breakdown of that particular vehicle's online pricing structure including; MSRP, Invoice Pricing, and any/all applied rebates and/or incentives. We will also discuss with you qualifying rebates that you may be eligible for, but possibly will need to provide additional proof of credentials. Our response to your ePrice request will also include the discussion of the fees and taxes associated with purchasing a new or used.

We want you to feel comfortable when shopping online and with our ePrice request you can be certain you are getting the best price. At Randy Marion we are the King of Price!

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